click Ushering in the next wave of borderless collaboration and creation. Inspired by the simplicity of matchmaker apps like Tinder, Click is an app that uses IBM Cloud's cognitive capabilities to connect developers, designers, and data scientists to projects they care about and people they can collaborate with. The average developer spends 7 hours a week on outside coding projects. The Bluemix developer community is 7x smaller and 55% less engaged than Microsoft Azure users on communal platforms like Stack Overflow, making it much harder for them to team up.

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Iconic innovations concepted and created for bi-annual executive review to show future directions for the IBM Cloud.

IBM Cloud

Iconic innovations concepted and created for bi-annual executive review to show future directions for the IBM Cloud.

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codebreaker Growing the next generation of Bluemix coders. 90% of parents want their kids to learn computer science but only 25% of schools teach it.  1 million technology jobs will go unfilled by 2020 in the US alone. Codebreaker lets teens express themselves through code with a simplified Bluemix lite for students. The live platform gives teens the freedom to create mini-social apps and share them on social media, in P-TECH schools, and during live coding events. IBM Cloud severely lag behind Amazon, Microsoft, and Google in relevance among Generation Z,  an audience who is eager to code and create technology, not just use it. 

bluemixed by ibm  A business prototyping program for intrapreneurs that combines IBM Cloud and iX capabilities to expand the Bluemix Garage methodology to benefit business as a whole.  Offerings: Proprietary Bluemix innovation process; Expertise of IBMers; Relationships with IBM partners; Cognitive capabilities; Big data analytics capabilities; Digital and physical prototyping.


sponsored by ibm Doing for innovators what Nike does for athletes. With increasing attention on entrepreneurs, 35% of men identify their role models as entrepreneurs as compared to only 24% who say athletes—and yet 2 billion dollars are spent annually on athletic sponsorships. Sponsor up-and-coming innovators, giving them the exposure and support they need to make large-scale, meaningful change, while also showing the world what’s possible with IBM Cloud. We identified a handful of entrepreneurs and innovators for the inaugural program: Madison Maxey, fashion innovator and wearable tech wizard; Dmitry Dumik, AI innovator and chatbot democritizer; Johan Brissmyr, security innovator and hacker fighter; Pallav Nadhani, data innovator and chart beautifier; Simone Giertz, robotics innovator and YouTube mischief maker.

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ibm cloudIconic innovations for the generation of IBM Cloud

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