moto x

With a plethora of customizable colors, details, features and personalization the Moto X launch campaign became one of PSFK's Most Innovative Ad Campaigns of the Year.


We brought the Moto Maker, online configuration tool for the Moto X, to a piece of paper. Just touch the color swatches to see the back of the phone change color. After some tricky printcraft that involved conductive ink and long hours in a Taiwanese print shop it shipped in the 2014 January issue of WIRED of 150,000 copies (in Chicago and NYC), you'll find the very first interactive print ad.

"Who says there's no innovation in print advertising? A print ad in the January issue of Wired will offer more interactivity than most online ads."



Moto Match made its debut at New York Fashion 2013 to the surprise and delight of Milk Made party attendees. The kiosks vision sensing cameras and algorithms analyzed clothing to offer up a Moto X complements your outfit. Don't like it, swipe to customize and sign your creation. Have it beamed out to social networks or emailed to yourself.


Large storefront installations seen throughout Manhattan and Chicago, extended the reach and scale of the Moto Match experience. User experience was optimized for large scale touch, keeping focus on simple engagement and entertainment. Our campaign solidly launched a new flagship Android phone in a crowded and fragmented market.

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