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With aging populations and increasing desire for personal health and wellbeing, consumers reach for new balance.

fashion & luxury

As the industry moves towards a more connected customer, luxury brands/retailers must figure out a way to translate their customer experience and brand values to the digital world.

"shering in the next wave of borderless collaboration and creation. Inspired by the simplicity of matchmaker apps like Tinder, Click is an app that uses IBM Cloud's"

be well
Drawing attention to the non-soda portion of their portfolio, Be Well elevates their water, juice, tea and energy drinks. A modular and scalable instore destination that would help frame its water, juices and energy drinks. We explored a series of formal languages, typologies and configurations to arrive at a versatile machine facade with seating and messaging for various store setups and uses.

Identity development
Experiential design
Retail design
Visual identity system


"Butterfly brings a totally new form of protection into the personal hygiene market for both women and men. It's an absorbent, yet discreet body liner and the first and only product to adhere gently in between the buttocks. "

As a first of its kind solution for Accidental Bowel Leakage (ABL) and from Mature Women's Health Solutions, Butterfly, redefined a category and condition that stigmatized its  Healthcare startup with a propietary product addressing an unmet need with strong VC backing. Nearly 1 out of 5 mature women experience some form of ABL. Butterfly is a category creating, disruptive, and leading in the CPG industry. 

Brand strategy
Brand identity system
Brand Guidelines
Digital experience


"Fitcoin could become a bigger, better and more useful NikeFuel."


A connected app ecosystem leveraging the power of your fitness tracker to generate cryptocurrency. After your workout, your wearable sends the data to the Fitcoin app that is analyzed to find out how hard you were pushing yourself. Fitcoin uses a calibrated algorithm so your effort matches your payout. Your average heart rate, distance, and pace are counted and turned into a Fitcoin value. Your Fitcoin value totals the amount of bitcoin you’ve earned—from your workout to your (BitCoin) wallet.

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