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From digital transformation, customer-centered experiences to disruptive startups—technology has changed finance.

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As the industry moves towards a more connected customer, luxury brands/retailers must figure out a way to translate their customer experience and brand values to the digital world.

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"Despite regulatory headwinds and plenty of competition, Honest Dollar carved out a niche in financial services by servicing the nearly 16 million self-employed people in the “gig economy” who lack access to a retirement plan or 401k."


honest dollar
Nearly one-third of non retired Americans have no retirement savings or pension. Focusing on an underserved market: small business owners, the app ecosystem allows employers to invite employees to sign up and setup their retirement plan. Honest Dollar was acquired by Goldman Sachs in 2016.

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"Long considered a sleepy industry, the insurance business has been swept up in the same wave of technological and cultural transformation that is reinventing every sector of the modern economy."

Deloitte Client Spotlight

state auto
Insurance is complicated, but agents can make it easier. By examining the service ecosystems of agents, assistants, prospects and clients we identified several opportunities to reduce friction in processes and create new value for all actors involved. We concepted several scenarios and created proof-of-concept experiences to help our client see the future of their business.

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"A specially calibrated algorithm converts your expended energy into Fitcoins, which are transferred into your digital wallet as BitCoins — the cryptocurrency that is becoming more widely accepted by both online and traditional retailers and restaurants."

USA Today

Fitcoin uses a calibrated algorithm so your effort matches your payout. Your average heart rate, distance, and pace are counted and turned into a Fitcoin value. Your Fitcoin value totals the amount of bitcoin you’ve earned—from your workout to your (BitCoin) wallet.

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